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Whatever your business, we'll help you clean up


One of JollyClean's many strengths is the flexibility of our cleaning services; our clients range across all business sectors, from small start-up businesses to large organisations.

Regardless of the size or industry we can offer you advice on how to maintain your premises to ensure a longer lifespan of your fixtures and fabrics as well as a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs. We pride ourselves in making sure that your premises is great environment for your employees and customers.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly - day or night!

We can create customised cleaning and maintenance schedule to fit around your business.

Your business is unique

We work closely with our clients to develop and unique cleaning schedules.

Example cleaning schedule
  • Waste bin cleaning, vacuuming carpets and mats
  • Mop cleaning, surface cleaning for all furniture such as chairs, desks, tables etc.
  • Application of disinfectants to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria
  • Window cleaning, glass material cleaning
  • Walls, cabinets and ceilings cleaning,
  • Bathroom cleanups and replacing soaps, shampoos, hand-washes and towels
  • Maintaining a proper elevator and staircases cleaning process
  • Ensuring kitchen cleanup for keeping the place healthy where the employees meet for lunch
  • Flooring and tiles cleaning

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A clean business is a jolly business

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Office and Buildings

Improve morale and decrease sick days with a clean, healthy office environment

Retail Stores

Close the sale and bring customers back with a clean shopping experience

Restaurant Cleaning

Give your chef a clean kitchen and your customers a spotless dining area

Special Events

Impress your partners and fans with a stadium space worth cheering for

Plants and Facilities

Stay safe and on the job with clean work areas, offices and restrooms

Schools and Universities

Keep students and faculty in the classroom with A+ cleaning services

Hotel and Resorts

Receive 5-star comments and keep guests coming back for more

Government Buildings

Uphold public trust and employee morale with clean buildings and facilities

Simple step by step approach

Starting a cleaning schedule couldn't be easier

Arrange meeting

Give us a call on +971 56 559 9355 or email on to arrange a meeting.

Define requirements

We'll drop by to provide you more information, view your premises and then work on a cleaning schedule.

Finalise agreement

Once you're happy, we'll agree a 3, 6 or 12 month agreement.

Get cleaning!

We'll work our magic and cleaning premises in exactly they way you have requested.

Quality reviews

We will periodically arrange meetings with you to understand how things are going.